Metal alloys

Alloy components, mechanical processing, and heat treatment can strongly influence the basic properties of metals, such as strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance. A quality control during the development of new alloys, their production, and further processing is therefore very important. There is often a correlation to magnetic parameters that can be used for evaluation. The measuring devices from FOERSTER can be used to measure the magnetic flux density, the relative permeability, and the magnetic saturation of the materials.


MAGNETOSCOP: The MAGNETOSCOP is a portable magnetometer system with probes for measuring the magnetic flux density and the relative permeability.

MAGNETOMAT: The MAGNETOMAT is a stationary measuring system for precise determination of the magnetic flux density and the relative permeability.

KOERZIMAT MS: The KOERZIMAT MS precisely measures the weight-specific as well as the volume-specific saturation polarization.

MAGNATEST D: The MAGNATEST D can be used to provide information on properties such as the surface hardness of metal alloys using the harmonic evaluation.