Bodywork / outer skin

Vehicle bodywork is usually manufactured from steel or aluminum plates. The outer skin of aircraft is also made from aluminum or aluminum alloy due to the light weight of these materials. The outer skin is joined with rivets.

For further information, please read our Application Note on aluminum components.

In addition to the stationary test systems, FOERSTER also provides mobile testing devices which can be used for tasks such as aircraft maintenance.


STATOGRAPH: The STATOGRAPH testing device family provides a suitable system for every test situation and item. The numerous different standard and specialist sensors ensure precision eddy current testing for discontinuities in the material.

MAGNATEST: The MAGNATEST device family is the system of choice for magneto-inductive material and microstructure testing of metal components. They can be used to carry out hardness tests as well as tests for mixed-up materials.

DEFECTOMETER: The mobile DEFECTOMETER testing device is used for manual crack testing. It can detect cracks of 20 µm and larger.

SIGMATEST: The SIGMATEST mobile conductivity testing device is used for manually testing non-ferromagnetic materials for changes in the microstructure.

DEFECTOSCOP: The computer-aided DEFECTOSCOP testing device for universal use is utilized for manual testing of electrically conductive materials for cracks and microstructure.