Seamless steel tubes

Seamless steel tubes

Seamless steel tubes are primarily used in oil fields and for oil drilling rigs in the oil and gas sector. To produce a seamless steel tube, the pre-tube (bloom) is drawn through a round continuous cast with a hole in one hot molding process.

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT product family is used for testing seamless steel tubes for point and transverse defects with the help of eddy current technology. When combined with the standard through-type coils, tubes with a diameter up to a maximum of 240 mm can be tested.

ROTOMAT/TRANSOMAT: The ROTOMAT and TRANSOMAT test systems were specially developed for tubes with large diameters. They test the inner and outer tube for surface defects using the flux leakage method.

MAGNATEST D-HZP: The MAGNATEST D-HZP test system can be used for performing material identification checking and hardness checking on the test material. The system uses the magnetic-inductive method.

CIRCOGRAPH: The CIRCOGRAPH test instrument accurately scans seamless steel tubes for longitudinal defects. Rotating probes contactless scan the material surface using eddy current.

CIRCOSON WT: The CIRCOSON WT facilitates precision wall thickness measurements of ferromagnetic steel tubes using EMAT (electromagnetic ultrasound method). Optionally fitted with lamination testing, defects can be reliably detected within the tube wall.

DEFECTOVISION: The DEFECTOVISION test systems uses heat-flow thermography. The analysis of the temperature spread detects and visualizes even the smallest surface defects such as in billets and seamless steel tubes.