Thick plate

Thick plate

Thick plate are flat products with a thickness of >150 mm. They are used in applications such as the production of power plant pressure tanks as well as steel production cauldrons and pans.

The DEFECTOPLATE test system is used for the precision testing of thick plate for laminar discontinuities in the material with the help of ultrasound technology. The test electronics detect discontinuities and process the raw data. The analysis software further processes the data,  displays it graphically as a C-scan and assesses it in accordance with selectable standards.

DEFECTOMAT: The DEFECTOMAT product family is used for testing semi-finished products for point and transverse defects in the material. Special probes are available for testing flat materials.

FOERSTER also provides the MAGNETOMAT and MAGNETOSCOP measuring instruments for measuring permeability and magnetic flux density.