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Discover the fascinating world of FOERSTER. We service a wide range of sectors and stand for top quality.

Head office

Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG
In Laisen  70
72766 Reutlingen

t +497121 140-0
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  • Felix Förster - President
  • Thomas Himmler - General Manager
  • Dr. Jürgen Schröder - General Manager
Business area

Electrical and Mechanical engineering

Manufacture of products for
non-destructive material testing,
detection and magnetic field measurement


  • Metal industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Plant and mechanical engineering
  • Ordnance detection




  • Military technology
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Research and teaching
  • Archaeology




  • FOERSTER Instruments Inc., USA
  • FOERSTER Italia S.r.l., Italy
  • FOERSTER France SAS, France
  • FOERSTER U.K. Limited, Great Britain
  • FOERSTER Tecom, s.r.o., Czech Republic
  • FOERSTER (Shanghais) NDT Instruments Co., Ltd., China
  • FOERSTER Japan Limited, Japan
  • FOERSTER Russland AO, Russia
  • NDT Instruments Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH, Germany
  • As well as agencies in more than 50 countries



Annual sales in EUR million

From a visionary to a global player - The development of industry-compatible test methods

Everything starts with a vision 

In 1937, during the examination of magnetic properties of metals, Friedrich Förster discovered the influence of the Earth's magnetic field on the measurement coil of test equipment. He started with the development of highly sensitive measuring equipment for magnetic fields.
In 1948, the visionary founded his own company and looked for opportunities to implement the results from his scientific work at the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute. His objective: The development of industry-compatible apparatus.
The scientific basis of the electromagnetic test methods was developed in the 1950s. Dr. Friedrich Förster received the Victor de Forest Award for this in 1957. The method was published by Robert C. McMaster / USA in 1959 in the standard work on non-destructive testing methods.


The Förster probe

In 1963, the first magnetic field measuring equipment from FOERSTER was installed in a satellite. Mariner II used this to research the magnetic field of the planet Venus, among other tasks. Further measuring equipment for space travel followed later in numerous projects, e.g., for the precise alignment of the ROSAT ROentgen SATellite (X-ray observatory). There is even a Förster probe on the moon.

In the following years, the Förster probe has also been used in industrial test systems, including eddy current crack detection using flux leakage methods, and has now become the international standard wherever a high degree of automation is required.

Prof. Friedrich Förster received the highest distinction of NASA in 1992 for his work.


At home around the globe - rooted in Reutlingen

Starting in the 1970s, Martin Förster further expanded the success of the family company. He recognized the opportunities of globalization early and ensured a worldwide presence with the founding of subsidiaries. At the same time, the headquarters in Reutlingen was further expanded and strengthened.

In 1990, a new line of business was added with the development and manufacture of eddy current sensors. These sensors can be adapted to the respective inspection task to improve the inspection results, sometimes considerably.





Strong for the future

Leading with foresight and a sense of social responsibility, Felix Förster is the third generation of his family to run the company, supported by Thomas Himmler and Dr. Jürgen Schröder.

An international network of subsidiaries, long-standing representatives and partners, as well as an excellent service guarantees worldwide proximity to customers.

As a technology leader and "hidden champion", FOERSTER continuously works on offering its customers individual solutions with new innovations and further product developments. Together with its customers, FOERSTER shapes the future in non-destructive testing.


70 Years of FOERSTER - 70 Years of Technological Leadership

2018 FOERSTER celebrates its 70th anniversary. Out of a vision a world-renowned brand was created that shapes the non-destructive testing market like no other company.

At the heart of entrepreneurial activity are the customer needs right from the start. The aim to date is to find the optimal system solution for every customer. In order to continue to do so, dedicated employees are required to bring their ideas to the company.

For 70 years, the name FOERSTER has stood for the highest quality, innovative products and professional service. With 10 subsidiaries and 50 representatives worldwide, FOERSTER is always close to its customer.



A true partner to our customers

Our corporate strategy focuses on our customers – together, we work to develop customized, innovative solutions.

Open-minded and internationally focused

Although we are solidly rooted in Reutlingen, our products and solutions are available globally. Our openness to different countries and cultures sets us apart.

Success, thanks to our employees

The expertise, commitment and motivation of our employees are the keys to our success. They will take the company into the future.

Cutting-edge technology and innovation

FOERSTER products are technologically groundbreaking. We solve tomorrow’s technology challenges in close partnership with customers, suppliers and science.

Duty-bound to quality

FOERSTER is devoted to the very highest quality standards. FOERSTER stands for precision, performance, safety and commitment. Proof, period.

  • FOERSTER - Our employees
  • The satisfaction of our customers and business partners is what motivates us
  • We provide information
  • We make decisions transparently
  • We are successful together
  • We are all role models
  • We recognize and praise achievements
  • We all have responsibility

Since 1948, the name FOERSTER has been synonymous with quality and precision. As a technological leader, we act as a competent and reliable systems partner and solution provider for our customers. Not only our solutions and products are reliable, but so are we. We therefore comply with the applicable legal provisions and commit to the principle of highest ethical and moral integrity.  

This Code of Conduct which applies to all of FOERSTER’s employees lays out this commitment in 10 principles. Every employee of FOERSTER shall embody these principles.  

FOERSTER-Code of Conduct

The name FOERSTER has always stood for highest quality standards. Daily, each of our employees contributes to fulfilling our quality goals. Below you will find the Quality Statement of FOERSTER.


Quality Policy

Responsible environmental protection is an essential requirement for the continuous success of a company. Therefore, environmental protection is an integral part of the long-term strategy of FOERSTER.


Environmental Policy