STATOGRAPH has successfully detected and documented surface defects in components

STATOGRAPH CM+/CM mit intuitiver Bedienstruktur

Crack testing of components at the highest level

Today, comprehensive quality control of components is more important than ever. Especially in the automotive industry, but also in the production of fasteners, suppliers have to prove that the quality requirements are met. In addition, such testing allows conclusions to be drawn about the entire production process and makes it possible to optimize settings promptly before major damage occurs. To make crack testing even simpler and more intuitive, FOERSTER has further developed the STATOGRAPH test instrument and thus made crack testing ready for the challenges of integration into the digitalization of production environments: 

The STATOGRAPH CM+/CM test instruments are characterized by an intuitive operating structure. Instrument settings can be made either via an integrated touch screen or via a web service. The web service can be accessed from a smartphone or any other device with a web browser. This creates additional flexibility in everyday work and enables remote access to the instrument in case of service. Fieldbus connections for Profinet and EthernetIP allow simple integration into common controllers and pave the way for industry 4.0.

Finding the right parameter settings for optimum testing is time-consuming and not always easy, even for professionals. That is why FOERSTER has developed a wizard that takes on this task. The innovative wizard of the STATOGRAPH CM+/CM independently determines the optimum settings based on a master test part and saves them.

Optimized high-pass and low-pass filters ensure highly sensitive testing for cracks and suppress interference signals comprehensively, so that only what is important can be seen: the defects. The precise clearance compensation enables reproducible testing even with larger distance changes.