Crack test system for testing cylindrical components

Economic, high-throughput test solution

Particularly in the automotive sector, automatic component testing is crucial to ensure a smooth production process. In addition to increased timing frequencies, automation also improves the reproducibility of tests. As a system partner, FOERSTER therefore supplies individual test instruments as well as suitable test concepts as complete solutions.

The ROTO-PUSH test station, which is integrated in production lines, serves to test cylindrical components for cracks in the liner surface. The testing configuration has to be rotated for automatic crack testing. After the test, the test pieces are sorted and separated. The continuous test run ensures a high testing rate, which increases profitability.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully automatic continuous 100% crack testing
  • Extremely high testing rate as part separation is not required
  • Automatic sorting into two groups, "OK" and "NOK"
  • Available in the ROTO-PUSH versions Ro 20, Ro 35, and Ro 65 as single or multiple channel test system
  • Documentation of the test results

Technical Data

Test material: cylindrical components
Material diameter: 8 mm - 65 mm
Test system: Single or multiple channel
Compatible with FOERSTER test electronics STATOGRAPH DS / ECM / ECM CE; MAGNATEST D